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Perfect Happiness

Happiness is Submission to GOD Alone
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Perfect Happiness: Now and Forever

One of the most elusive objectives of every human being is "Happiness". Quran, the Final Testament, reveals the secret of attaining perfect happiness in this life and forever. We learn from the Quran that happiness is an exclusive quality of the soul. Thus, a body that attains all the material successes it longs for —money, power, fame, etc.— often belongs to an unhappy person. Happiness depends totally on the degree of growth and development attained by the soul, the real person. The Quran provides a detailed map towards perfect happiness for both body and soul, both in this world and in the eternal Hereafter.

For the first time in the history of the human race, this elusive goal, the Secret of Happiness, which the human has been seeking throughout the ages, has been discovered. GOD, the Creator of all things, created us and in His proven scripture to the world not only He spells out how to attain Perfect Happiness but also He guarantees it for those who follow His laws.

This site and many affiliated sites are dedicated to spreading the truth about the reason behind Why we are here in this world, the purpose of our lives and how to attain this perfect happiness. GOD teaches us the answers to these questions through the true religion He decreed for humanity by which we can acheive perfect happiness Now and Forever.

In numerous verses throughout this proven Testament, GOD personally guarantees believers' happiness, now and forever:




Happiness is submission to GOD Alone. You may already be a submitter!

Who are Submitters and What is Submission?

Who is God? Why are we here? What does it take to achieve salvation? Read the Quran to find out. Clear, modern day English translation by Rashad Khalifa, PhD (One of the few translations by a native Arabic speaker) We learn from the scriptures that GOD is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and that GOD is love, He loves His creations. Then the inevitable question is, Why do we see a lot of misery, disease, accidents, war, and poverty around the world? This Book has the answers

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